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The Crime Triangle
This concept simply states that in order for a crime to occur all three of the triangles elements must exist:
Victim, Criminal, & Opportunity 
If we can eliminate any one of these elements (opportunity) a crime can not occur.

MVPD Crime Triangle

Let's break down the three elements.

1.  Victim
There is always a victim when a crime committed. Typically, the victim is unaware that he or she may be the target. Criminals have a desire to committ crimes and we, as citizens, can not affect or remove a criminals desire to commit a crime. If someone really wants to commit a crime, they will.

2.  Criminal
Typically, criminals do not care who the victim is or how it will affect their life. They will find a way to committ a crime.  They can be thousands of miles away and use telephones, cell phones, the internet, and countless other ways in order to commit a crime. Physical impairment will stop some from committing crimes.

3.  Opportunity
The criminals opportunity to commit crimes.
This is where we can take action to prevent crime. A lot of times, criminals will hunt for an opportunity to commit a crime, and by removing the opportunity for crime to occur we have broken the “Crime Prevention Triangle”.

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