Good Guys vs. Good Guys basketball game

Det. Lacey and Chief Earnest

Officer Evatt and Sr. Officer Griffith

Officer Romine and Det. Lacey

Chief Earnest, Cpl. Cobb, and Det. Lacey hope for a rebound

Officer Robison and Chief Earnest working hard

Officer Robison passes the ball to Chief Earnest

Cpl. Cobb passed the ball to a fellow Officer

Chief Earnest is enjoying the game

Cpl. Cobb and Officer Robison move in while Chief Earnest takes a shot

Officer Romine bringing the ball down the court

Sr. Officer Griffith fakes a pass...

...and drives it to the hoop

Sr. Officer Griffith shot it, he feels the need to make sure he keeps it!

Officer Romine, Officer Evatt, Sr. Officer Griffith, and Officer Robison

Officer Romine going for a loose ball

Sr. Officer Griffith, Det. Lacey, and Officer Evatt wait for a rebound

Some of the citizens who came to support everyone and made generous donations to help those in need in Mt. Vernon

More of the generous citizens

Sr. Officer Griffith and Cpl. Cobb playing defense

Cpl. Cobb shoots as Sr. Officer Griffith gets ready to rebound

Officer Robison takes a shot

Chief Earnest stands ready while a foul shot is being taken

Sr. Officer Griffith shot a foul shot while Officer Evatt moves in for a rebound

Coach/Asst. Chief Hubert looks a little concerned as Officer Evatt and Sr. Officer Griffith take a break

Officer Cornell had to work, but he still received a gift from the Pastors

Officer Evatt receives his gift

Det. Lacey trying to shake a defender

It's a fight for the rebound

Officer Evatt isn't going to take it easy on him

Det. Lacey throws a long pass down the court

...ouch! We'll get them next time!

Game over. Great time with great people for a great cause!